Air Duct Cleaning


With air duct cleaning we use what is called Negative cleaning method. The dust goes down into the vacuum hose that is inserted into the duct or trunk line above the furnace. The vacuum has the suction of 30 MPH.

The gray vacuum hose goes directly into the furnace. When a furnace is running in the home. It blows positive air into the home, we remove the dust and dirt from inside (Negative cleaning method). We start  the cleaning with the hot vents. We go to the upper part of the home or the top floor. 

Using the Air scrubbing hurricane cleaning whip system (picture on left) with its air pressure over 125 psi, we insert it directly into the vent pushing and cleaning all the debris down into the trunkline into the suction and out into the truck.
As the vacuum is pulling, the dust goes down into the suction and out into the truck. No dust enters the home. The truck mounted vacuum bag holds all the dust, dirt, dead bugs, dust mites, toys, Lego's, pet dander, construction debris, allergies floating things, dog/cat food, etc. 
At the end of the scrubber whip are 8 whips that when the air goes through,they move and clean with air,  pushing the dust and debris down into the suction. (No dust enters the home.) 
This home had old rugs and lots of dust.  

After cleaning all the hot vents (OR FLOOR VENTS) we then clean the cold air returns.
They are the larger vents on the lower part of the wall closer to the floor.  
Some homes have 2 or more of these vents depending on the size of the home.  
We vacuum the return vents the same way as the hot air vents. 


we vacuum the vents and then we sanitize the entire system with a 100% natural plant based disinfectant.

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